About Movie Reviews

About movie reviews


About movie reviews: Most of the entries date from 1987-1998 during Scott Goldfine’s tenure as entertainment editor for the now-defunct SilentRadio, a nationwide teletext news service headquartered in the Los Angeles area. These reviews were limited to 400 characters and so they are concise but extremely succinct. They appear as originally written and so some of the references are of that time. As well, the majority of these theatrical releases are now available for home viewing through a variety of media.

These reviews had been unavailable since the late 1990s and had to be painstakingly input from the lone existing original printout copies. They now enter the digital age for all to discuss, debate and enjoy. Links are provided to stream or purchase movies from Amazon. Please use links through FUNKNSTUFF when making any Amazon purchases to help us keep the lights on!

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Scott Goldfine

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