FUNKNSTUFF Media Services

FUNKNSTUFF Media offers unparalleled experience, flair, expertise, quality, accuracy, responsiveness and customer service in printed and digital media promotional, publicity and sales & marketing documentation and content generation.

Writing, editing, interviewing & researching services include:

  • Advertorials
  • Bios
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Liner Notes
  • Magazines
  • Manuals
  • Narration
  • Native Content
  • News Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Press Releases
  • Previews
  • Proposals
  • Reviews
  • Scripts
  • Speeches, PowerPoints & Presentations
  • Technical Writing
  • Websites

Other services include:

  • Content, editorial, marketing, publicity and PR consulting
  • Voiceovers
  • Video interviews
  • Keynotes, panel moderating

FUNKNSTUFF Media delivers exceptional results to enable your organization to project the utmost in professionalism. While FUNKNSTUFF Media is adept and equipped to serve any individual, organization, business or industry, the disciplines of music, film, TV and high technology are particular strong suits. Available on retainer or on a per project/assignment basis (billed per project, hour or word), FUNKNSTUFF Media is standing by to exceed expectations at competitive prices.

Get started by emailing FUNKNSTUFF Media President Scott Goldfine today at ScottG@FUNKNSTUFF.NET.

For more information on Mr. Goldfine and the impressive and highly qualified background he brings to FUNKNSTUFF Media, continue reading below.

Scott Goldfine has spent nearly 40 years as an award-winning media professional encompassing magazines, Internet, radio, TV, film, records, teletext and books.

Born and raised around Los Angeles’ entertainment industry, it was coded into Goldfine’s DNA to be a music and film enthusiast / student / professional. Growing up in an enterprising household in which his sister founded a teenybopper magazine while barely a teen herself and later spent several years in publishing, TV and records, Goldfine was inspired to write, co-direct and star in ambitious student films while still in junior high. Greatly influenced by his audiophile grandfather and electronics tech father, in high school Goldfine began building what became a long-running mobile D.J. business called Musical Moods. Numerous celebrities were among its hundreds of clients.

Goldfine couldn’t escape entertainment and media if he tried. Even basic jobs he held during high school and college (where he tested the waters in unrelated majors before circling back to earn a degree in radio-TV-film) were somehow related. They included being an usher in Westwood, Calif., site of many celebrity movie premieres; working for game-show baron Jack Barry; and toiling as a Hollywood-area messenger for the newspaper Beverly Hills People. Spending his youth and young adulthood on the Westside of L.A., while Goldfine may not have rubbed elbows with the famous he frequently encountered them.

Highlights of Goldfine’s professional experience include scriptwriter for TelePrograms radio syndicators; director of promotions for the American Mixed Media record label; Music Editor for Black Radio Exclusive magazine; columnist for Inside Video & Music magazine: and Entertainment Editor for SilentRadio. Concurrently, Goldfine created, produced and co-hosted the music albums review TV show “Platter Chatter” and began writing his first book, Everything Is on THE ONE: The First Guide of Funk. In all, Goldfine has penned and edited thousands of music, film, books, concerts, and TV articles and reviews, as well as press releases, scripts, books, presentations and just about every conceivable form of the written English language.

More recently, Goldfine founded FUNKNSTUFF.NET, an umbrella business and portal site for a portfolio of offerings including: the TRUTH IN RHYTHM musicians video interview show; music, film and book reviews; FUNKNSTUFF Media; books such as The First Guide of Funk; and more. FUNKNSTUFF.NET and Goldfine are also active with high visibility on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Goldfine is also presently Associate Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Security Sales & Integration (SSI is part of Framingham, Mass.-based EH Media), which he joined in 1998. He oversees all editorial content in print, online, digital, in-person and any other media or products for the electronic security industry’s leading business-to-business trade publication. In 2017, his exceptional and groundbreaking work earned him election to the Industry Hall of Fame.

Goldfine is a graduate of Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica College (SMC) and California State University Northridge (Radio-TV-Film, Psychology minor). He also studied at UCLA for kinesiology/psychology and earned a post-graduate Certificate in Accounting from SMC. In 2016, Goldfine studied and earned certifications from the Digital Marketer organization as a Content Marketing Specialist and Customer Acquisition Specialist.

Contact him at ScottG@FUNKNSTUFF.NET.