Goldfine Gospel Column

Goldfine Gospel columns

Goldfine Gospel Column: As Entertainment Editor for SilentRadio (American national teletext news service similar to a wire service like AP), I produced a pithy, witty and amusing gossip-style column called Goldfine Gospel. Although dated due to the time in which they were created (late 1990s), they are still fun to read with some keen insights and biting commentary. That’s why three dozen of them are featured on this page, Episodes 1-37 (No. 25 is M.I.A.).

Note they appear as printouts from the teletext formatting in which they originally appeared and so readers should ignore visible coding such as “G05” (graphic, 5 seconds) and “T05” (text scroll).

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Scott Goldfine, Administrator, Funk N Stuff

Goldfine Gospel Nos. 1-37