The TRUTH IN RHYTHM Difference

There are many interview programs and podcasts out there, so what makes the TRUTH IN RHYTHM show different?

This loaded question was recently posed to TIR Creator, Producer and Host Scott “DR GX” Goldfine. For those who may wonder the same thing, here’s his response:

How is TRUTH IN RHYTHM show and its nearly 350 multipart episodes different? How is a winning football program different from also-rans? How is the arc and longevity of a renowned musical artist or filmmaker different from a one-trick pony? How is a respected and coveted brand different from its would-be competitors?

Prominent among the difference-making common threads are people possessing aptitude and attitude — encompassing subject matter knowledge and passion, character and integrity, persistence, innovation, talent, and a commitment to excellence. Having since the late 1970s gained experience, expertise, respect and accolades in a multitude of roles throughout the music, entertainment and media industries, I am able to bring all of those key elements to the TRUTH IN RHYTHM show.

TRUTH IN RHYTHM is not among the countless podcasts that surfaced during a pandemic in which seemingly everyone with access to the Internet created one. Founded in 2017 to advance the mission to preserve the legacies of funk, soul and jazz artists and associated figures, TRUTH IN RHYTHM represents the culmination of a lifetime spent loving, inhabiting, supporting and promoting those oft-underserved genres along with the creators who have graced us with the soundtracks to our lives.

As its slogan states: “TRUTH IN RHYTHM goes DEEP with contemporary music’s foremost masters of the groove.”

TRUTH IN RHYTHM is all about opening viewers’ and listeners’ ears, minds, hearts and souls to the creative and positive processes of how wonderful, unforgettable music is made — composing, playing/singing, arranging, producing, recording, performing — and the associated inspirations, stories, memories and experiences. It is crafted and hosted by a music lover steeped in these genres who, as a media professional as well, eschews trite, superficial questions in favor of meaningful explorations into artists’ influences, albums, songs and collaborations. It all happens in a warm, friendly atmosphere of enjoyable, engaging conversation.

Another difference is TRUTH IN RHYTHM is not broadcast live but recorded to allow for editing as needed and considerable post-production enhancements. The result is a superior quality product designed to ensure a long shelf life and timeless relevancy, as opposed to a disposable flavor of the week ultimately lost in the black hole of infinite streams. Without sacrificing spontaneity, this approach adds to the intimacy and places less pressure on guests. In addition, it’s more convenient for viewers and listeners to consume the show on demand — from the myriad of providers featuring TRUTH IN RHYTHM — when it suits their schedule, all at once or in bite-size increments as they desire.

To build additional excitement, exclusivity and include a live element where viewers can comment and chat in real-time, episodes are world premiered through the FUNKNSTUFF YouTube channel one to four days (depending on how many segments there are) prior to being accessible through other platforms. 

Still another differentiator is that, although I am well versed in the majority of guests featured on the show and communicate with them beforehand, each episode undergoes a rigorous pre-production process. This involves thorough research, reviewing recorded works and previous interviews, and then formulating thoughtful talking points. The vibe is akin to hanging out with good friends, never coming off like an interrogation. The format avoids the all-too-common pitfall in which it’s obvious to all but the most casual fan that the interviewer is unprepared or unfamiliar with the subject.

My ambition for each show is that it captures the best and most comprehensive interview that guest has ever done, and that the discussion provides answers to all of the questions fans of that act want to know the most — what they would likely ask themselves given the chance. In many cases, they have waited several years if not decades to learn these precious insights. As evidenced by thousands of posted comments, this has not been lost on TRUTH IN RHYTHM’s ever-growing and highly appreciative audience.

Furthermore, guests are afforded the space to contemplate their responses and tap into little or never-before-discussed events without interruption. This encourages cohesive, fascinating results spanning the emotional spectrum from hilarity to heartbreak. Because of these factors, when they come into the interview inquiring how long it will take, they often end up losing all track of time because they are so engrossed in the interaction; I end up being the one to eventually and reluctantly wind it down!

I encourage interested parties to speak with viewers and listeners of the TRUTH IN RHYTHM show to find out why they have become loyal fans. As well, most anyone who has been a featured guest on the program would attest to how enjoyable and professional they found the experience. Of course, I highly recommend gaining firsthand knowledge by watching a couple of episodes yourself.

More information on the TRUTH IN RHYTHM show, my background, FUNKNSTUFF, my book Everything Is on the ONE: The First Guide of Funk and more is readily available throughout the website. Some relevant links are also listed below. Thank you for the inquiry!

Scott “DR GX” Goldfine, President, FUNKNSTUFF

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