TIR 13: High Notes From Funk’s Harmonica Hero Lee Oskar

Lee Oskar and Lowrider Band | Triple Door, 2014
© Jerry and Lois Photography
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One of popular music’s most prominent and respected harmonica soloists returns to the show with more riveting stories and insights about WAR, solo works, harmonica business and more. Brought to you by FUNKNSTUFF.NET and hosted by Scott Goldfine — musicologist and author of “Everything Is on the One: The First Guide of Funk” ― “TRUTH IN RHYTHM” is the interview program that gets DEEP into the pocket with contemporary music’s foremost masters of the groove.


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Featured in the two episodes: Lee Oskar tells how he developed his unique playing style; takes you behind the scenes for more rock and roll stories and memories; discusses his solo works in depth; gets into the formation and history of Lee Oskar Harmonicas and demonstrates the instruments (Part 2); and wraps it all up in the present and for the future.

Named Instrumental Artist of the Year in 1976, Oskar is one of the masters behind such classics “Spill the Wine,” “All Day Music,” “Get Down,” “Slipping Into Darkness,” “The Cisco Kid,” “Where Was You At,” “Gypsy Man,” “Me and Baby Brother,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” “Lowrider,” “Heartbeat,” “Summer” and “Galaxy.”

Here is the link to Oskar’s earlier “TRUTH IN RHYTHM” appearance with fellow WAR founders: http://funknstuff.net/tir-lrb/

Recorded July 2017